English explanation

Dear friends,

On the 4th of February 2015, we contacted you via email about the Dimensions foundation. However, then we realised that the entire email was in Dutch and that we also sent it to some of our foreign friends (who don’t speak Dutch).. We want to apologize for this.

We as Dimensions, want to spread the great news; that Gods love for us was so big, that he gave us his only son in order to save us.

We want people to (re)connect with our heavenly Father. We want to do this with tours (through the Netherlands and Europe), in which we will deliver people the awesome message about Gods love through concerts.

During these concerts, which will be supported by sound and lightshows of great quality, we will perform programmes through the art forms: singing, dancing and acting. In the future, we would like to add more art forms to the shows.

Since this is the first year, we’re mainly going to focus on our Dutch members, but inthe upcoming years there will be room for all our foreign members and then all our programmes will be entirely in English.

Keep a close eye on our website, we’ll give you more updates on the international tours, so that next year you can join us as well! If you want more info about touring please contact us at recruiting@dimensionsmusic.nl